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Book 8.5 "INterlude B" 

Dowd was not a fool. Not really.  Part of his “Electability” was that he had to portray a certain simple mindedness that would allow him to connect with the common person because they were his target audience. The worldwide social media revolution had given voice and access to all, regardless of level of education or political stake.  The vox populi was starting to talk back to its masters, nipping at the scraps before the meal was finished. Of course, the irony lay in the fact that the public education…

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book five: "deep state nine" 



        Fire. An Alarm is blaring. 

       All the alarms are blaring 

        Voices are everywhere, yelling, some crying. The indistinct cacophony of panic. 

        We pull back to see a well maintained but not overly handsome everyman in the foreground of the shot. He wears   the uniform of the organization he represents.

        This is our captain. This is our salvation. 


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